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2014-03-04 : delaf

I forked your project in my github account, basically because I used into my framework and I need it in github for the use with composer (what I really needed is the project in the offical repository of composer https://packagist.org/).

The url of the project in github:


And the url of the project in https://packagist.org:


I tried to use the version 0.0.2 but I don't know why the file is corrupted when I download it. So I use a version that I modified (only to use namespaces) a time ago, but I don't know if is 0.0.1 or 0.0.2, my mistake delete the files of the version and CHANGELOG :-(

Ok, I just wanna share with you this, because its a very useful project and its part of my framework now (https://github.com/estebandelaf/mipagina).

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