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2010-09-20 : Rubén Caro (ruben.caro@lanuez.org)
Found a bug when dealing with row style. It works on my code now.

Also added class odsDrawImage extends odsDraw to try to bypass the corruption problem when adding images, but no luck.

With my code you can do this now:

$image=new odsDrawImage(\"sites/all/modules/pef/imatges/logo.png\");
$table->addDraw( $image );

After repairing the file (letting OO32 do this) it looks exactly as it should, placing and resizing the image correctly.

When I look at the generated XML it looks as it should though, so I have no clue about what the problem might be. Maybe some little option that OO32 expects and it\'s not there, but I don\'t see it could be important enough to say \"The file is corrupted\"...

So many changes so far, can\'t place them here, so just ask me for my files to see them all.(ruben.caro@lanuez.org)

Hope it helps.
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