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2010-09-15 : Rubén Caro
I just needed to add independent borders to a cell (border bottom, top, left and right), and as it was not implemented (and it seemed quite simple), I just added to the code. It seems to work just fine, so maybe you want to merge it on your svn.

Basically changes are just replicating the code around preexisting \'border\' style.

all changes are on file odsStyle.php:

line 209:
$this->border_bottom = false;
$this->border_left = false;
$this->border_right = false;
$this->border_top = false;

line 239:
public function setBorderBottom($border) {
$this->border_bottom = $border;

public function setBorderLeft($border) {
$this->border_left = $border;

public function setBorderRight($border) {
$this->border_right = $border;

public function setBorderTop($border) {
$this->border_top = $border;

line 317:
$style_table_cell_properties->setAttribute(\"fo:border-bottom\", $this->border_bottom);

$style_table_cell_properties->setAttribute(\"fo:border-left\", $this->border_left);

$style_table_cell_properties->setAttribute(\"fo:border-top\", $this->border_top);

$style_table_cell_properties->setAttribute(\"fo:border-right\", $this->border_right);

That\'s it !
Hope it\'s useful.

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