What is odsPhpGenerator

2009-12-09 : Laurent VUIBERT
odsPhpGenerator is a small and easy library writen in PHP 5.0 for generate OpenDocumentSpreadsheet.

For use it, you need only PHP 5.0, DOM, and Zip

News Example out

2010-01-22 : Laurent VUIBERT
I updated the examples for version 0.0.2 of odsPhpGenerator, and I also add 3 examples you find in the section examples

You'll find an example of what can be done with the library, namely Projects

odsPhpGenerator 0.0.2 is out

2010-01-21 : Laurent VUIBERT
A new version of odsPhpGenerator is out

Changelog :
- DEL: ods->setPath2OdsFiles().
- ADD: Date cell, time cell and datetime cell
- ADD: Merge cell
- ADD: Formula
- ADD: fonts
- ADD: examples

For the next version me include graphic. Now you can download the last version of odsPhpGenerator on the download section
The examples on the site is not updated, but the source now include examples (see examples in svn). I updated the example in second time.

Nice download

News Examples & Rss

2009-12-10 : Laurent VUIBERT
I have add 4 examples

All of this example works with odsPhpGenerator 0.0.1

I have add rss too, you can find it in the menu.

odsPhpGenerator is out.

2009-12-09 : Laurent VUIBERT
Yes, is out

You can now download the first version of odsPhpGenerator on the download section
4 Examples is open on the examples section

Nice download